Media Studies Hollywood Research Project

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Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood! What more do I need to say! What a beautiful place, it’s clean, warm, sunny, and buzzing with people. You have to keep your eyes open in the surrounding area of Hollywood as you may never know who you will walk into. I happened to almost walk straight into James Cameron, the director of Avatar. To be honest his face looked familiar but had there not been screaming ladies he was clearly trying to side step, I probably wouldn’t have clicked.



The Walk of Fame, where everyone walks with their heads down admiring all the famous actors, directors, artists and bands. Something you wont miss if you go to Hollywood, it lines both sides of Hollywood Blvd and before you know it your walking over top of Peter Jackson’s star. Pretty cool seeing a kiwi amongst a lot of famous American’s. The Chinese Theatre did not disappoint either, with its beautiful IMG_3688architecture and Star touches, makes sure to not just look up but also down at the ground, where Star’s have left personal marks and messages. Shopping does not go amiss on the Hollywood Blvd either with fantastic deals on shoes, clothes and many brands. Make sure to take a look into the Hollywood and Highland shopping centre, if not for the shops do it for the great Egyptian influenced arc that finds itself in the centre of the mall.



Hiking from the Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign is an adventure on its own. My manager Kristy joined me on  what we thought would be a quick 1 hour walk….. Yes you guessed it…it was definitely not one hour. It may have been had me had a map but websites had advised us that there was signage the whole way. So Teachers this is why we try out products first before letting you do them with 20 or more students… I know for a fact I’d have had a very grumpy teacher ringing me from the top of the Beverly Hills telling me to help them find a way out of this dessert like terrain had I not tested this hike out prior. All in all it was worth it, the views are breath taking and the dessert like terrain in itself is fascinating, plus finishing at the Hollywood sign is a dream come true!


IMG_4118Warner Brothers Studios was the best part of my trip, pretty awesome getting to learn how movies are made and walking through sets of famous movies and TV shows. The Big Bang Theory set was one of my highlights, just amazing seeing where one of your favourite TV shows is filmed. The Universal Studios Tour was pretty awesome too, getting to drive through the street of where Desperate House Wife’s is filmed, seeing Jaw’s home town,  Big Fat Liars part of the movie where Paul Giamatti gets swept away by a freak flood and the most realistic scene of all and another of my highlights is the crashed 747 Plane from Steven Spielberg’s movie War of the Worlds, yes it is a real plane.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is as exquisite as you see on the reality TV shows like The Kardashians or  Beverly Hills Housewives. The part that I was most fascinated with was the luxurious cars that kept zooming past, from Lamborghinis to Mustangs and Rolls Royce. Santa Monica Pier another iconic movie destination which is featured in Forrest Gump, Titanic, Iron Man and many more. A very lively pier to walk onto full of locals and tourists alike. Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade is a lovely place for up market shopping, not as fancy as Rodeo Drive but a very beautiful street to shop in and a big brand new mall just around the corner to please everybody’s desires.


I met with several small and giant company directors who own movie related businesses, who are excited to be getting to work with Defining Moments on this brand new Media Studies Tour we will be putting out to New Zealand Schools. But we are keeping these as our secret ingredients to make our tour one of a kind. So if you’d like to know more give us a bell – 0800 304 382


My trip finished in Disneyland, which is every child’s dream ….. and come on admit it…. adults still dream of it too! Disneyland does not disappoint, you get to see Mickey and Minnie dancing on the streets, Donald Duck causing havoc, the Chipmunks taking cute pictures with by passers, the racing cars flaunting their stuff and the princesses elegantly gliding through the parks. I even happened to stumble across a live filming of America’s Funniest Home Videos, and I got to see Tom Bergeron in real life! What did I say about Hollywood and it’s surrounding area??…Keep your eyes wide open!!   🙂

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