Are you an inspirational Year 9 to Year 13 teacher, who would love to create an international travel experience for your students, but face one or more of the following challenges:-

  • Lack of time
  • Have an overload of emails
  • Not sure where to start
  • Planning and organising appears overwhelming
  • Need assistance obtaining Board Approval
  • Not sure on how to deal with the issue of fundraising and collection of funds
  • Concerned with presenting to parents, and covering off any questions they may come up with.

Defining Moments understands stresses and challenges involved in organising educational school tour programmes; therefore our unique relationship with you and your school ensures that you are left to appreciate the tour as much as your students will.

Here is a few of the unique things that Defining Moments will deliver on for you:

  • We will come to meet with you at your school to discuss the plans you have.
  • We will always work towards creating the best value travel experience that is affordable to students and their parents.
  • We commit to presenting to parents with you to ensure maximum uptake for your tour.
  • We will assign a dedicated consultant to work with you throughout the entire time leading up to, during and on the return of your tour.
  • We are committed to ensuring your trip adds considerable value to both your department and your school.

If you are a teacher who has the passion and desire to create a life changing international experience for your students, then you need to talk to us.