King’s College

Graeme Syms

The King’s College Senior History students have now completed 3 tours with Steve and his crew from Defining Moments. The 4th is in the planning stages! Defining Moments leaves no stone unturned, their attention to even the finest detail is outstanding. They are well connected, their suppliers are accommodating and understand our needs, and the Defining Moments Staff are resourceful, easy to get on with, and great tourists! Steve even managed to find his way to the Hungarian Parliament after we left him at the hotel by mistake!!

The fact that they have done these tours themselves is of huge benefit, as they know all the ins and outs of each destination. Accommodation, food, and transfers are of the highest standard. When you take teenagers away the key component is what they eat and plenty of it. Who can forget the strudel and schnitzel chef in Austria that made us make our own meal! If you didn’t make it, you didn’t eat.

We have toured Germany, Poland, Hungary and Austria on 3 occasions without a hitch. Add to that MacDonald’s in the Slovakian capital Bratislava, and your trip is complete and very competitively priced.

King’s College History Dept cannot speak highly enough of Defining Moments. We trust them implicitly and recommend them unconditionally.

Not only were the tours well organised, well priced, educationally focused, and oversubscribed by our students, they were……GREAT FUN!”

How we support School Teachers

Defining Moments understands the stresses and challenges involved in organising school tours groups.