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You can visit all 3 NASA Sites in a two week itinerary easily

How amazing and life changing would it be for your class to attend a 5 day Nasa Space Camp? The set up is world class and exact replica’s of the actual International Space Center and Future Mars Station. It is a fantastic opportunity for your students to learn first hand how Physics, Biology or Chemistry is used in day to day life. There is even a possibility for the adults travelling with the students to do a Adult Space Camp. Students attend classes and get to go on real simulated missions. The camp can be personalised to your wishes or be one of their set itineraries. There are many many different options, just contact us to find out more.

Possible Inclusions

  • 5 Day Space Camp
  • Day visit to any Nasa Center
  • Robotic Workshop
  • Biology Workshop
  • Physics Classes
  • Business Visits

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